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Rochester Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Many people who are injured at work and need to collect workers’ compensation benefits are surprised to discover the complexity of the process and, quite often, the resistance they encounter from their employer or their employer’s insurance company.

At The Harrison Law Office, in Rochester, NY, we are committed to helping injured workers maximize the benefits they receive while serving as a critical liaison between the injured party and:

  • Their employer
  • Their employer’s insurance company
  • The insurance company Lawyers
  • The treating doctors
  • Additional medical professionals who can help your case

We’ll fight for you!

The workers’ compensation system was created to protect injured workers, but it has not always operated that way. The experienced legal guidance provided by The Harrison Law Office will protect your interests and produce the best possible outcome.

We can handle your case at No Risk To You
We take all of our workers’ compensation cases on a contingency fee basis, which means, there is no fee unless we are able to achieve a monetary result for you, and even then, only if both you and the Judge agree to the amount of the fee.

When you’re hurt at work … get what you deserve.

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From a client…
Dear Jim,

I received a cheque from the insurance company! It was the full amount as anticipated. It’s most unusual to receive a sum of money that large, and it still looks odd to me when I check my bank balance. You made it look easy. You exuded confidence in our conversations that relieved me of any concerns. Your methods of conducting business were thorough and professional. I can’t imagine how this affair could have been handled any better. It was a pleasure to deal with you and I wish you the best in all your pursuits.
- Bill B.

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