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A Rochester Personal Injury & Social Security Disability Lawyer

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Personal Injury

Whether you were in a motor vehicle accident, fell from a ladder or slipped in a supermarket, The Harrison Law Office can assure that you are represented in a professional yet highly aggressive manner. Our experience has resulted in millions of dollars worth of settlements. Get the personal legal service you deserve, from an attorney and not a paralegal.

Social Security Disability
Eligibility for SSD depends on a number of factors…

1) Naturally, one of the first questions is whether you are disabled, or cannot perform the kind of work you did before you got hurt and had to stop working.

2) A second criterion is whether the disability resulting from your injuries has lasted or is expected to last at least 12 months.

3) Another consideration is whether you are able to prove that you cannot perform other work because of your injuries and resulting disability.

The Harrison Law Office can assist you in helping to legally prove these essential elements and more. We can be key to getting you the benefits to which you are entitled.

NOTE: Past results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Clients are responsible for disbursements regardless of outcome.

Learn more about Social Security Disability benefits
Find helpful local information at the Monroe County website.

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