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Rochester Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

What is workers’ compensation?
It’s an insurance policy required by your employer in case you get hurt at work. If you are injured on the job, workers’ compensation may provide you with money while you are out of work, and also pay for your medical treatment. You may even be entitled to additional monetary awards in the event that it is determined that you have a permanent injury or are permanently disabled.

Why do I need legal representation?
As the injured worker, you probably will discover that you are starting off at a disadvantage. You will be “going up against” insurance company attorneys who do this every day. Their job is to minimize your awards. You may find your medical treatment has been denied, or they have reduced your money or even cut off your money completely. Don’t allow this to happen to you! Get the legal advice you need from an experienced and dedicated workers’ compensation lawyer.

Why The Harrison Law Office?
The Harrison Law Office has concentrated the majority of its practice on representing injured workers in their claims for Workers’ Compensation benefits for over two decades. Unlike many law firms, where your file may end up on the desk of an associate, or in the office of a non-attorney “licensed representative,” attorney James A. Harrison will be handling your case—every step of the way.

Jim Harrison takes pride in a more personal, professional relationship between attorney and client than you will find in the larger “assembly line” law firms. We strive to assure that all of our clients’ concerns are properly addressed and that their cases are resolved in the most favorable and timely manner—obtaining the maximum awards available. Speaking of timely, Mr. Harrison promises to return every phone call within 24 business hours, and is not afraid to put that in writing.

Our no risk policy
There is no fee unless we are able to achieve a monetary result for you
, and even then, only if both you and the Judge agree to the amount of the fee.

NOTE: Past results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Clients are responsible for disbursements regardless of outcome.

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