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At The Harrison Law Office, attorney Jim Harrison has been fighting hard and winning big for injured workers in the Rochester area for decades. We are a dedicated law firm soley focused on Workers' Compensation. Although many firms claim to handle all types of injury cases, few of them have the knowledge and expertise necessary to pursue Workers' Compensation claims to the full extent of the law like we do. Headed by attorney Jim Harrison, The Harrison Law Office focuses its practice on helping injured workers successfully navigate the complexities of workers' compensation.

Why Choose Us?

Jim Harrison, Esq. is a hard-working, seasoned and passionate advocate for workers who have been injured on the job. Workplace injuries are more common than people realize. If you've suffered a work-related injury, having a workers' compensation attorney on your side can make all the difference when it comes to the benefits you may actually receive.

Medical Expenses:

When you have been hurt at work, you should not be paying for your medical treatment—not even your co-pays. Your employer or workers' compensation company is required to pay these bills. The Harrison Law Office can walk you through this process. 


If your injuries result in the inability for you to return to work, even a short term absence can result in financial hardship-putting your vehicle, your home and your future well-being at risk. Jim Harrison can help maximize reimbursement for the lost wages that your injuries have caused.

Permanent Disability:

If your injuries are permanent, which can be often difficult to measure, an experienced attorney like Jim Harrison can help you determine what is fair and reasonable and, more importantly, can maximize your recovery for permanent disability.

Meet Jim Harrison, Esq.

Jim Harrison, Esq.
Meet Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison is a native Rochesterian—growing up as a son of Kodak employee in Greece, NY. He decided to become an attorney based on his simple desire to help people. Jim earned his law degree from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. After law school, he had several jobs representing insurance companies in Workers' Compensation cases and personal injury lawsuits. The experience gained was invaluable as Jim learned how the insurance companies work, how they thought, what they wanted to do and how they went about doing it. He took this experience and matched it to his initial desire to help people. Combining his legal experience from both sides of the courtroom, Jim has been helping injured workers for nearly two decades.

What Our Clients Say

Dear Jim,
I received the check from the insurance company! It was the full amount as anticipated. It's most unusual to receive a sum of money that large, and it still looks odd to me when I check my bank balance. You made it look so easy. You exuded confidence in our conversations that relieved me of any concerns. Your methods of conducting business were thorough and professional. I can't imagine how this affair could have been handled any better. It was a pleasure to deal with you and I wish you the best in all pursuits.

Bill B.