Consequential Injuries

Wed, Apr 19th, 2017

In workers' compensation matters, a consequential injury is an injury or medical condition sustained off the job that is a direct result of a work-related injury or illness that occurred on the job. Let me explain...

You suffered a right shoulder injury at work. Because you had little to no motion and required surgery to your right shoulder, you have been using your left arm for regular day activities. Then, your left arm starts to hurt because you are overcompensated for your right. The consequence of your right arm injury at work has now caused a stress injury to your left arm because of overuse. Now you have sustained a consequential injury. Therefore, the medical expenses for both injuries now becomes compensable.

While the causation and relationship in the example above may be easy to see, connecting the consequential injury to the original work-related injury often requires medical opinions and the experience with workers' compensation law and documentation. An experienced workers' compensation attorney can answer your questions about the possibility of additional compensation for consequential injuries and help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Final thoughts:When you are injured on the job, the financial and medical effects can be devasting. Many people who are injured on the job do not realize the full extent of their rights or the compensation they could receive. Speaking with a seasoned, dedicated and hard-working Workers' Compensation attorney can be extremely valuable when facing claim. The Harrison Law Office offers no-obligation, free case reviews.

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